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21 Club “Gets Served” On Overtime Class Claims

“……and Please Remember to Tip Your Bartender And Waitress.” The famous 21 Club in New York was on the Curly end of a Larry-esque double-slap from the Southern District of New York last week. Alderman v. 21 Club.pdf Case No. 1:09-cv-2418 (Aug. 20, 2010). By way of background, the plaintiff employees in Alderman are seeking to … Continue Reading

Seventh Circuit Finds Fluctuating Workweek Limits Overtime Liability, Sort Of…….

“… and God So Loved Employers, He Gave Them The Fluctuating Workweek Method.” From the “don’t look a gift horse in the mouth” desk, the Seventh Circuit recently saved an employer from a holy terror of a damages award (a solemn promise: each pun in this blog will be better than the next) in Urnikis-Negro … Continue Reading