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Another Federal Court Decertifies FLSA Collective Action of Hospital Workers Challenging Auto-Deduct Policy

We have previously discussed that, while medical providers have become a common target of plaintiffs asserting wage and hour claims arising out of so-called “auto-deduct” policies, more and more courts are realizing that the inherently fact-specific nature of these lawsuits make class treatment very difficult.  See our posts from June 23, 2014, and September 17, … Continue Reading

Sixth Circuit Affirms Summary Judgment and Decertification of Auto-Deduction Overtime Case

Punching in and out for meals and breaks is a pain – both for the employees and the employer.  As a result, many employers use so-called auto deduction policies for meal periods and breaks, letting employees take their rest periods without punching in and out, but deducting a set time, usually 30 minutes for the … Continue Reading

Court Decertifies Collective Action Arising Out of “Auto-Deduct” for Meal Breaks

Many employees, particularly professionals or paraprofessionals, prefer not to be bothered with “punching” in and out for their shifts or, more particularly, when they take a meal or a simple 15-minute break.  Tracking such punches is also an administrative hassle for the employer.  So, the solution for many employers is simply an auto-deduct policy.  If … Continue Reading