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Exotic Dancers Continue to Rake in Class Action Dollar Bills

In our continuing coverage of exotic dancer performances on the class action stage, another group of dancers from California recently won approval of a multi-million dollar settlement in a wage and hour class action suit. A California federal district court judge approved a nearly $13 million settlement for a class of dancers who had worked … Continue Reading

California District Court Refuses Certification of Overtime Class of Retail Store Managers

Consistent with a trend that started roughly four years ago, a California District Court has refused to certify a class of retail store managers seeking overtime pay under California law on the grounds that individual issues would necessarily predominate.  Deane v. Fastenal, Inc.pdf., Case No. 11-CV-0042 YGR (N.D. Cal. Sept. 27, 2012).  This case also … Continue Reading

California Appeals Court Rejects Attempt to Try California Misclassification Case by Statistics

The California Court of Appeal issued a rare decision in favor of employers last week, when it reversed a class action judgment of $15 million and decertified a class of 260 current and former bank employees who claimed they had been misclassified as exempt and were therefore entitled to meal and rest break premiums.  News … Continue Reading