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Seventh Circuit Rejects Rule 67 Deposit Into Court Account as Easier Alternative to Rule 68 Offer of Judgment

Over the years, Rule 68 offers of judgment have been touted as a means of picking off class representatives and a potentially easy way to terminate a class or collective action before it starts. It rarely really works that way, as many courts, particularly those that are disposed to class actions, have found endless ways … Continue Reading

Supreme Court Grants Certiorari On Issue Of Rule 68 Offers Of Judgment In Collective Actions

Rule 68 offers of judgment have often been rendered almost meaningless in employment class and collective actions amidst criticism by some courts that they would permit employers to “pick off plaintiffs” and to avoid class litigation altogether. As we have noted previously, these courts express little or no sensitivity towards the cost of class or … Continue Reading

Unaccepted Offers of Judgment Ineffective in FLSA Collective Cases

Plaintiffs frequently include collective action allegations in even run-of-the-mill FLSA cases. What if an employer concludes, however, that no matter how frivolous the underlying claim, the defense costs will be more than even an oversized settlement? In theory, an offer of judgment under Federal Rule 68 would be one avenue. By offering the plaintiff all … Continue Reading