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Another Court Denies Certification of a Class of Retail Loss Prevention Associates

We just wrote about a recent case in which a court refused to certify a class of Wal-Mart loss prevention employees.  See Bramble v. Wal-Mart Stores Inc., Case No. 09-04932 (E.D. Pa. Apr. 11, 2011).  In the Bramble case, the court found that the duties of the employees were simply too diverse to justify even conditional … Continue Reading

The Southern District of Florida Gives Employers Another Reason To Be Thankful

Much like the 2010 San Francisco Giants, at first glance, the court’s ruling in Dipasquale v. Docutek Imaging Solutions, Inc. et al.pdf Case No. 10-cv-60349-JEM (S.D. Fl. Nov. 12, 2010) appears to be nothing to write home about.  Upon closer inspection, however (and in the case of the Giants, eight months and a World Series championship … Continue Reading