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Another Court Rejects Class Claims Contending That Vocational Students Are Really Employees

In yet another challenge regarding the employment status of students and interns as employees, the Second Circuit has concluded quite rightfully that vocational students – even those at for-profit institutions – are still students. We’ve seen this argument before in the context of both students and interns. (November 15, 2018, December 12, 2017, and May … Continue Reading

California Court of Appeals Affirms Employer Class Action Wage and Hour Win at Trial

Employer Performance-Based Rate Scheme for Automobile Repair Upheld Under California Law With many of the easy targets for wage and hour matters gone (e.g., misclassification of assistant managers), plaintiffs’ counsel have increasingly turned to technical overtime or minimum wage violations as a vehicle to bring class or collective action litigation. As a recent claim reflects, … Continue Reading

Ninth Circuit Affirms Dismissal of Collective Action Arising Out of Repayment of Training Costs

Many employers have programs advancing or even paying the costs of employee education or training.  Frequently, those policies obligate the employee to reimburse the employer if the training is not completed, or if the employee terminates shortly after completing that training.  A recent Ninth Circuit case underscores that, if properly applied, these types of policies … Continue Reading