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Pharmaceutical Companies Receive A Late-Season Pick-up With Regard To Seventh Circuit Ruling On Administrative Exemption

Early May in America is known for several things.  For most of us living outside the Sunbelt, the temperature manages to stay above 60 degrees consistently, flowers start to bloom in earnest, baseball season begins to heat up, and (perhaps most importantly), the annual tradition of waiting for television networks to announce what shows are … Continue Reading

Putative Class of Pharmaceutical Representatives’ Offensive Collateral Estoppel Argument In Support of Overtime Claim Rejected by Pennsylvania Court

The question of the exempt status of pharmacy representatives has spawned numerous class and collective actions against the pharmaceutical industry. A recent case reflects the court’s rejection of a creative attempt to challenge the exempt status of a putative class of drug sales representatives. In Ibanez v. Abbott Laboratories.pdf, No. 09-1406, 2011 WL 5572621 (E.D. … Continue Reading

If At First You Don’t Succeed….Your “Plan B” Will Probably Fail, Too

Having already struck out on a curveball they thought was a fastball over the middle of the plate, Schering Corp. is now 0 for 2 following the latest ruling from the Connecticut federal district court in Kuzinski et al. v. Schering Corp.pdf., Case No. 3:07-cv-0233-JBA (D. Conn. August 5, 2011).  The case began over four years ago, when Schering’s sales reps … Continue Reading