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Sixth Circuit Affirms Summary Judgment For Employer In Retiree Health Care Class Action

We’ve commented in this blog before about the Sixth Circuit’s holdings regarding retiree healthcare under collective bargaining agreements.  Starting with the case of UAW v. Yard-Man, Inc., 716 F.2d 1476 (6th Cir. 1983), the Sixth Circuit began to apply an “inference” that collectively bargained retire welfare benefits, primarily paid health insurance, would “vest” and would … Continue Reading

Sixth Circuit Permits “Reasonable” Changes To Welfare Benefits Under Yard-Man

In 46 states within the U.S., a collective bargaining agreement, and the obligations it contains, expires on its expiration date.  Thus, the parties must come to agreement as to the new terms at relatively regular intervals, taking into account market forces, changes in their relative bargaining positions, and their respective interests.   However, in 1983, the … Continue Reading

Sixth Circuit Holds Class Members’ ERISA Claims Accrued When They Knew Their Benefits Changed

The Sixth Circuit recently reversed an injunction that required Caterpillar to pay lifetime health care costs to a subclass of 275 former employees upon finding the subclass members’ ERISA claims were time-barred.  Winnett v. Caterpillar, Inc., No. 06-00235 (6th Cir. 6/22/2010). The plaintiffs filed their lawsuit on March 28, 2006 and claimed Caterpillar breached a … Continue Reading