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Court Denies Conditional Certification of FLSA Class of Satellite Dish Technicians

It has been a good few weeks for employers in the satellite dish industry.  Just last week, we wrote of the case of Espenscheid v. Directsat USA, LLC.pdf, Case No. 09-cv-625-bbc (W.D. Wis. May 23, 2011), in which the court decertified a class of satellite dish technicians only days before trial.  In that case, the court, … Continue Reading

Trial Plan Prompts Decertification of FLSA Class

A recent case demonstrates that it is often easier in theory than in practice to contend that a large group of employees are “similarly situated” for purposes of certifying a collective action.  These differences can prove fatal to the class even though the plaintiffs may win impressive early procedural victories.   In Espenscheid v. Directsat … Continue Reading