While there were no blockbuster cases in 2012 in the league of 2011’s Concepcion and Dukes decisions, it was still an eventful year.  The Supreme Court accepted its first case under the Class Action Fairness Act (“CAFA”), lower courts and the NLRB continue to address class action waivers, and many courts have grappled with issues relating to Dukes’ fallout.   Important decisions have been handed down relating to issue certification, approval of settlements, the use of experts, cy pres funds, California employment law, and offers of judgment.

While many of these cases are not strictly employment actions, their impact is keenly felt in class actions arising out of the workplace.  These decisions, and commentary on trends, are all discussed in the BakerHostetler 2012 Year-End Review of Class Actions.  The Review is a joint project of the firm’s Employment Class Action, Class Action Defense, Antitrust, Data Privacy, and practice teams and is the fruit of collaborative efforts of numerous attorneys from across the firm.  Credit for putting it all together goes to Denver Partner Paul Karlsgodt, whose own excellent class action blog can be found at classactionblawg.com.

You can access an electronic version of the BakerHostetler 2012 Class Action Year End Review by clicking on this link.  If you would like a hard copy, please email us and we would be happy to send one to you.